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My experience of FARA Sunset 300 at the Homestead-Miami Speedway was unbelievable. I came to this event on behalf of SpiralDust Media to support their client, Ethan Low. Anticipation began to build up as I got my pass and entered through the tunnel for the pit area. Just the sounds of cars being worked on got me excited. There is a special rush that only car/racing enthusiasts can appreciate.

I entered EthanLowRacing’s garage and immediately went straight to check out his car: a striped lime green and white ‘99 Spec Miata. My focus suddenly shifted when I came face-to-face with the "Flying Tomato" aka Ethan Low. I introduced myself and asked the 18-year-old, how he acquired his nickname. With a grin, Ethan explained that due to his bright red helmet, spectators often commented he looked like a tomato being tossed when he flew down the track. As a fellow MX5 owner, I instantly clicked with Ethan.

The race was scheduled for 6-10pm. During the downtime, Ethan hung out with his crew. He was working with SpeedWorks Racing, whose experienced crew was committed to supporting him. As the announcer called for the cars to be ready for staging, final adjustments were made. After radios were checked and headsets were plugged in, Ethan drove out to the track.

The green flag was waved and the cars were off! The crowd roared as they zoomed by. Ethan Low dominated each lap and was ahead of his class. After 2 ½ hours of solid driving, Jeremy Klein (his teammate), got behind the wheel. Ethan’s team was still one lap ahead, with a 1 minute and 42 second lead. As I observed Ethan, it was amazing to see him in such a relaxed state when there was obviously adrenaline pumping through his system.

The cars and its drivers endured the track as the sun was replaced by the bright moon. Equipped with a reliable car and an amazing pair of drivers, EthanLowRacing came in second place. It was a proud moment and I was thrilled for them. I quickly ran to the podium to snap a few pictures as Ethan and Jeremy were handed their awards.

After spending the day with Ethan and his crew, I felt like a member of this amazing team. It’s incredible to think that Ethan started with a go-kart to where he is today: racing at FARA Sunset 300. What does the future hold for EthanLowRacing? The 2015 Continental Series? I, for one, am excited to find out.

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