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Sunday, May 25th, I had the pleasure of getting to know an aspiring driver, Ethan Low. Ethan competed in the ChumpCar Sunday, May 25th with Dan Partelo Race Team called and I had the pleasure of getting to know Ethan at the Chump World Series at Daytona International Speedway. This is just a small mark on his list of races as he has been in competition since age 11 and in over 100 competitions total. Ethan began karting as a fun, bonding activity with his father, Kevin Low. He is currently a high school student in Clearwater, Florida. He, like many young drivers, feels torn between school and driving. His heart truly lies behind a six-point harness but he feels the societal push of college and a corporate career. However, Ethan displays a tremendous amount of optimism regarding his professional driving career. In discussions with him, it was crystal clear that he understands just how few drivers end up going pro.

For Ethan though, it’s about the perfection he finds in driving. “It’s the perfection that drives me, it’s doing it exactly perfect that I really, really enjoy.” Watching Ethan on the track makes it all seem so easy. His cornering is just beautiful, attacking every entry and gaining perfect momentum. The highbanks at DIS are no joke, yet Ethan took every opportunity to utilize them. He continually proved his ability to find holes and fill them. In his second stint, there was a thirty second gap between him and the next position. Ethan gained that position in a matter of three laps. That’s a gap that would take other drivers between five and fifteen laps to close. In the following lap, Ethan proceeded to gain three more positions. It is obvious that Ethan Low has tremendous ability as a driver. He sees things differently than everyone else, he can see a hole as soon as it opens and has been reported to scare other drivers because he fills holes in less time than it takes other drivers to realize they’re even there.

Some other Fast Facts about Ethan Low.

- Went to the shop every day, walked from Clearwater to St. Pete if he had to, after school to do anything he could (polishing wheels, sweeping floors, etc.) to get seat time and lessons. - “The real value of doing something is to be really good at it, if you’re the best at it, everyone’s going to want you to do it…” - Continental next season is his goal - Superstition/habit: Even when he gets taken out of a stint, and is told he isn’t going back in, he keeps his suit on because he wants to be ready just in case…it shows that he anticipates going back in and usually he ends up going back in. - NEEDS MONEEYYYY to keep racing! Sponsors?

You can follow Ethan at For more info about Ethan? Email

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