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Young Tampa Bay teen auto racing phenom, Ethan Low, is proud to announce his newest racing partner, Bell Racing USA. Low explained how the relation...ship developed. “At the end of 2013, my original racing helmet for karting and cars reached the end of its life and I had to select a new helmet that would meet my needs in the professional sports car series and identify me to race fans. In December I purchased a Bell GP.2 Pro Series over all the other helmets available because I was convinced it was the right helmet for me and my racing career. The GP.2 is perfect for open cockpit cars. It is light weight and has great air circulation. The helmet looks great and can be also used for sports car racing. The GP.2 was exactly what I was looking for in a helmet that will allow me to run in all the types of sports cars that I will be driving professionally this year and into the future of my Tudor Series racing career. The helmet has now been painted its distinctive solid red color that many in racing know as Ethan Low’s helmet – dubbed by my fans and competitors – the Red Tomato! It is a natural for me to be promoting Bell Racing Helmets and I am so glad to have them on board our race team from the very start of my professional racing career!”If you would like to join the ranks of businesses and individuals partnering with Ethan Low he would be more than glad to talk with you and work together with you to find a win-win relationship between his racing career and your business. Ethan Low can be reached at or by phone at 319-551-7307. Bell Racing USA LLC, the world’s premier auto racing Helmet Company, specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing auto racing helmets to professional and amateur drivers competing in the sport of auto racing and go karting. The Bell legacy dates back to 1954 when the company was founded in a small auto parts store located in Bell, California by Roy Richter. A majority of the innovations in helmet technology including the first purpose built racing helmet, Snell certified helmet, full-face helmet, fire-retardant helmet, lightweight composite helmet and aerodynamic helmet were all pioneered by Bell. Bell helmets have been worn and trusted by more champions, in all forms of racing, than any other helmet brand. The Bell name is synonymous with quality, innovation, safety, performance and engineering excellence. Bell auto racing helmets are sold to professional and amateur drivers through a network of specialty safety equipment dealers and distributors, as well as individual retail customers. Bell Racing USA is located in Champaign, Illinois. Bell’s products are designed and built to exceed industry specifications for helmets including standards developed and published by Snell, SFI and the FIA. BELL RACING USA LLC | 301 Mercury Drive, Bay 8 | Champaign, 61822, Illinois | USA Toll Free: (800) 237 2700 | Tel: +1 (217) 239 5355 | Fax: +1 (217) 819 5187 Email: | www.bellracing.comSee More

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